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Each Site Comes With SEVEN Different Income Streams:
2 Clickbank, eBay, Amazon, 2 Google Adsense, and Your Auto-Responder!
You can customize them to use others!

From: Jesse Josserand

Hello and Welcome, Fellow Entrepreneur!

Have you ever wanted your very own profit generating niche website? Or does that sound like way too much work to you?

What if you had someone build that site for you? Better yet, what if you had someone build you a brand new custom niche website every day?

Now, I'm NOT talking about those spammy looking sites that have nothing but Adsense ads and no content! No, I'm talking about real niche websites with real content and which generate real income!

$$ Profit Maker Club $$

As A Member Of Our "ProfitMaker.Club", you'll receive Professionally Designed, High Quality Niche Websites Anytime, Every Day, or Every Week! (depending on your membership level)

That's Potentially As Many High Quality Niche Websites As Fast As You Can Download Them! ...And We Currently Have 870 Sites Available, Ready To Generate Profit For You, Done-For-You! Just Add Your Info To The Configuration File And You're All Set!!!

Can you imagine the income that you can generate from uploading a new site everyday or more?

Here's a snapshot of one of the pages from one of the niche sites:

As you can see from the snapshot above, each page of each custom website comes with SEVEN possible profit streams (which you keep 100% of the profit!):

Income Stream #1) Google Adsense Block #1
Income Stream #2) Clickbank Affiliate Products
Income Stream #3) Opt-In Form For Your Autoresponder
Income Stream #4) Amazon Affiliate Products
Income Stream #5) Google Adsense Block #2
Income Stream #6) Clickbank Affiliate Products
Income Stream #7) Ebay Affiliate Products

These Custom Niche Websites are designed so that it's extremely easy to setup and install each site. All your info such as Adsense Publisher ID, eBay Affiliate ID, Clickbank ID, Amazon Affiliate ID, website name, background colors, and more are simply added in one central file.

As you can see, modifications to your site can be made quite easily! Want to change the wording on the opt-in form? No problem! Want to change the website name? No problem! Want to change the background color? No problem! You can even control what affiliate products are shown for the Clickbank, Amazon, and eBay affiliate blocks!

Some people like to use RSS feeds to ensure that their sites are "unique" and different. However, my preference is to NOT use RSS feeds on webpages simply because if your visitor clicks on a RSS feed link, then *POOF* they're gone to someone else's site!

Instead, these niche sites incorporate randomly generated snippets that will take your visitors to other article pages on your site! You get the same benefits of using RSS feeds without losing your visitors!

Each site includes the 20-25 or more pertinent and relevant content pages! PLUS... you also get a "Contact Us" page, a "Sitemap" page, a "Terms Of Use" page, a "Privacy Policy" page, a "Disclosure" page, a "Bookmark This Site" link, and an on-page option for having the pages translated into German, French, Italian, Spanish, Japanese, or Korean. As you can see from the snapshot above,

Membership Has Its Benefits!

Membership Has Its Benefits

Join Now And Get Access To Over 2200 PLR Products At No Additional Charge!
Use them, Learn from them, and, where licenses allow,
resell them and keep 100% of the profit!

We add more PLR packages regularly, so that number above (2200) will only keep going up!

Plus, We'll Give You Our List Of Free Marketing Tools, And Lots More!

As a ProfitMaker.Club member, you'll receive a list of all of our private member-only websites. These sites will provide you with many more ways for you to make money online, and you can join them all for free! Here is a list of them...

Fast Track Cash Solutions Club
Free Traffic Club
Premium Plugin Club
WordPress Club
Software Reseller Club
PLR Reseller Club
Profit Blueprints Club
Ultimate SEO Club
World Wide Profit Club
Ultimate Ebook Marketing Club
Traffic Equalizer Club
Ultimate Social Media Marketing Club
Free Software Club
Premium PLR Group
We Make Money On The Internet!
...and more!

Some of our content includes thousands of Private Label Articles! These are quality PLR articles that you are free to do with as you please ...

Combine multiple articles to easily create an eBook!
Use them as content for your website!
Use them as blog posts!
Use them for your newsletter!
Rewrite them and submit them to the article directories!
Use them to promote your own products!
Use them to promote affiliate products!
Use them to build your list!
Read them into a microphone (using this high-quality audio tool we recommend: Audacity), and sell the resulting MP3 files or package them with an ebook!

This all sounds absolutely wonderful! ... BUT ...

How Much Does It Cost?

If you were to go out and hire someone to build a custom niche website for you, it would easily cost $500-$1500 for each site. If you were to hire someone to build a site for you everyday, using the average of that estimate, $1000 per site, it would cost you as much as $31,000 per month or more!

But your membership in our ProfitMaker.Club isn't going to cost you anywhere near $31,000.00 ... it's not even $1500.00 ... in fact, it's not even $1000.00! The cost of membership in our ProfitMaker.Club is only $47 per month or $475 per year! But ...

As a special introductory offer, you can join our ProfitMaker.Club at the special discounted rate of only $19.97 per month! I realize that I could easily charge more, but I want it to be affordable for anyone who wants to join.

Your investment of $19.97 per month will never increase as long as you are a Member... And, of course, you are free to cancel your subscription at any time.

Important: Consider joining today, because the special discounted rate of $19.97 is only good for the first 50 members. After 50 members join, the rate will be raised to the normal $47, so don't delay ... join now!

Here are some more details and an even better deal or two!!!

Monthly members may download 1 new niche site per week (your choice of which one) every week (4 sites per month!) for just $47/Month $19.97/Month... (about $5 per site!) a tremendous savings to you over the cost of having one built for you!

Annual members may download 1 new niche site every day (again your choice of which ones). That's 365 sites per year (and we currently have 870 sites available and growing all the time)... an even bigger savings and an even bigger profit making opportunity for you! Only $199.97 per year! That's 2 months free, and less than $1 per site!

Lifetime members get access to all our niche sites, and can download as many as they desire at any time! You pay Only $299.97 one time! Never pay again AND continue to have free access to all new sites we add going forward at absolutely NO ADDITIONAL CHARGE! Since we currently have 870 sites available, at that price, that's currently only about 35 cents per site! We add sites to the list all the time, too!

100% No-Risk Lifetime Money-Back Guarantee*

Before you click on one of the buttons below to join, please understand that you're fully protected by a lifetime iron-clad money-back guarantee:

If you decide at anytime that your membership in our ProfitMaker.Club isn't for you, all you have to do is cancel your membership and ask for a refund. You'll immediately get a prompt refund! It's that simple!

So go ahead and start making money with this membership today! Just imagine how much money you can make in the first month alone!

There is absolutely no risk on your part! You risk nothing! But it's very unlikely that you will ever ask for a refund, because if you actually take advantage of everything that our ProfitMaker.Club has to offer, your results will be very satisfying ... and very profitable!

YES!!! Give Me Instant Access To The ProfitMaker.Club Members Area!

Please sign me up for the ProfitMaker.Club now! I understand that I will be provided with access to all the Custom Niche Websites (download quantity based on membership level) AND the benefits offered by free membership in all the other club sites, plus the thousands of PLR articles also accessible at any time!

By acting now, I understand that I get my membership at special discounted prices during this launch and until there are 50 members! My investment (at whatever membership level I choose) will never increase nor change as long as I am a member... And, of course, I am fully protected by the lifetime money-back guarantee* and am free to cancel my subscription at any time.

To join our ProfitMaker.Club, just choose your membership level above, and you will be taken to a secure Paypal payment page. Your transaction will be handled safely & securely by Paypal, and you can use either your Paypal account or your credit card to make your payment. After you make your payment, you will have instant access to all member content!

To your success,

The ProfitMaker.Club

PS. Take advantage of these special discounted rates (only $19.97 per month, $199.97 per year, or lifetime for a one-time payment of $299.97) while these rates are available! The special rates are only good for the first 50 people! After 50 people join, the rate will be raised as discussed above! When we raise the rates, there will be no more lifetime memberships available!

PPS. There is absolutely no risk on your part, because you're fully protected by the no-risk LIFETIME iron-clad money-back guarantee*. If you decide that your membership in our ProfitMaker.Club isn't for you, then you'll get a prompt refund.

Still Undecided???... Perhaps if you could see a list of the niche sites available to you, it might help you to decide. ...And what if you could see one of them totally set up and operational? Click here for the list. ... or Click here to see a site in action!

* Unfortunately, the money back guarantee does not apply to lifetime memberships only because of the unlimited access provided with such memberships!